Hypnotherapy for Adults and Children

Hypnotherapy involves a state of deep physical and mental relaxation - a 'trance-like' state - which allows the sub-conscious mind to communicate with the conscious mind, and so allow opportunity for beneficial changes to occur.  An example might be where a client wishes to change some pattern of behaviour that has previously been useful to them but that is now causing them problems for various reasons.  This behaviour is well-entrenched in the sub-conscious mind and change is necessary in order for the client to alter their behaviour.  It is important that you yourself want to make the necessary changes as hypnotherapy cannot 'make' it happen for you.        

During the session, you sit comfortably in a chair and focus on my voice; your eyes are closed but you are not asleep; you remain aware of your surroundings and are always in control; you do not anything that you would not normally do.  

Hypnotherapy may simply aid relaxation, or may be used to help a variety of issues, including: *phobias *self-esteem issues *chronic pain *nail-biting *sleep problems *snoring *panic attacks *stammering *minor skin problems *healthy-eating *smoking cessation.  

*Past-life regression also available. 

Image courtesy of E Bastide

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