What to Expect

As I am a mobile therapist, I travel to see clients either at home, or if groups of people wish, in their place of work.  I bring with me any equipment or resources that are required.

Prior to your first treatment, I will ask you to complete a consultation form, which will enable me to tailor your treatment to your specific requirements.

Counselling and hypnotherapy treatments simply require you to be seated in a comfortable chair.  (You can read more about each treatment by clicking on the link on the Home Page).

During the massage-based treatments, and depending upon which treatment you have, you will either be seated or lying comfortably on the appropriate couch or treatment chair.

You may choose to use pillows or cushions for comfort, and I will offer you a light blanket to place over yourself.  In my experience, clients may (although not always) begin to feel cool during the treatment, as they are lying or sitting still for up to an hour, and a blanket simply helps them to feel as cosy as they want to be.

With the exception of the counselling and hypnotherapy sessions, treatments are usually accompanied by some gentle music, which adds to the relaxation experience.

The massage-based treatments can be delivered with or without a base oil or cream, according to your preference.  (As I am not an Aromatherapist I do not use scented oils).

After receiving a massage-based treatment you will be advised to eat lightly for the remainder of the day, to drink plenty of water, and to avoid strenuous activity.  Following this advice helps you to make the most of the benefits of your treatment, all of which will be explained more fully to you on the day.

Each person is different and may experience their individual response or reaction to any of the massage-based therapies.  This will also be explained more fully to you when you have your treatment.         

After any of the treatments (including counselling and hypnotherapy) I will usually provide you with some self-help techniques that you can follow, until the next treatment (should you decide to have more).

Please be aware that Complementary Therapies are not a substitute for conventional medical care, and you should always consult your medical practitioner for advice.

I am able to accept referrals from other professionals such as GPs, and other agencies,

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  Details of how to do so are on the Home Page.

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